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Everybody's Somebody at the Point After Club

This web site is dedicated to Rose T. Coppinger.

This incredible woman saved many lives. For more on Rose see Rose's page.


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Point After Club's Director
Tom Coppinger

Assistant Director
Charlotte Hamawi

Employment Coordinator
Gerry Langan

Job Coaching
Julia Morison

Housing Coordinator
Kerry Caraccio

Unit Coordinator
Julie Sullivan

Unit Leader of Campbell Center
John Davies

Unit Coordinator
Nilda Melendez

Unit Leader of Food Service
Elvin Rentas

Food Service Coordinator
Danisa Batista




What is the Point After Club?

Established in Lawrence in 1980, the Point After Club is a local community rehabilitation center that offers people who have a mental illness hope and opportunities to achieve their full human potential.
Following the International Standard of the clubhouse model, members and staff work in partnership to operate the clubhouse and develop opportunities for our members in employment, housing, education, wellness and social activities

  • The Point After Club guaranties the following four rights of membership:
    1. The right to a place to belong.
    2. The right to meaningful work.
    3. The right to meaningful relationship.
    4. The right to a place to return.
  • The Point After Club emphasizes personhood-not patient hood; wellness-not illness.
  • The Point After Club believes that work is central to the rehabilitation process and that having a mental illness does not mean that an individual is unable to work.
  • Through its daily programming, the Point After Club provides work training and job support to help its members enter or re-enter competitive employment.
  • "Point After Club" refers to a point after hospitalization-the point at which recover and rehabilitation begin.

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What Does the Point After Club Offer Its members?

We offer our members opportunities for both enrichment and personal development in the following areas:

Vocational:steve g

Transitional, Supported, Independent Employment
Career Counseling
Benefit Assistance
Resume and Interview Workshops

Educational & Wellness:

Connection to Education Resources
GED Preparation
Computer Training
Smoke Cessation
Dual Recovery Anonymous
YMCA Universal Passes


Club Housing Units
Homeless Prevention
Subsidy Applications
Housing Search


Recreational Activities
Evening, Weekend and Holiday Social Activities
Annual Events

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Employment Statistics

In the past year:

  • 94 club members were employed in local businesses and worked a total of 44,485 hours.

  • These workers earned a combined total of $362,552.

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How To Join

  • Membership is open to adults who live in the local area who have a primary diagnosis and documented history of psychiatric illness.
  • Call 978-681-7753 to schedule a tour of the clubhouse and to meet with the Program Director.
  • There are no service fees for members. Members pay a nominal amount for meals and trips.

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Testimony steve j

"Not only did the club help me return to competitive employment. They helped me achieve a personal goal of getting my first apartment on my own." James Jewell

"My job at Hickory Hill Golf Course is fantastic! Going back to work has changed me in many ways. It has also encouraged me to do other things." Steve J.

"Knowing that I'm not alone has helped me overcome my fears. I'm grateful that the club accepts me for who I am." Vinnie DeMarco

"The Point After Club has been my stepping stone on my way to independence." Steve Kanan

"The Point After Club can walk you to your dreams and help you succeed." Jessica M.


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